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About Us

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Our Story

Nutty for Nature was born out of a desire to bring you simple and premium-quality organic foods while respecting local communities and minimizing our footprint. So we set out on a journey of discovery.

We spent two years researching how certain foods were produced in Brazil. We wanted to intimately understand every point of the supply chain and how each step affected the environment and the livelihood of the people involved in it. This process entailed countless hours of deep study, travels throughout this verdant South American country, and passionate interviews with several suppliers and vendors. The result of this exploration was a short list of food products and suppliers who share our philosophy and sincere care for the health of our planet and its communities.
We humbly invite you to learn more about our philosophy, our products, and our commitment to environmental and social justice.

Why Should You Go Nutty?

1. Premium quality with minimal processing

All our products start with ultra-fresh fruits, plants and nuts sourced directly from harvesters and farmers in the north and northeast regions of Brazil. Then we follow artisanal methods of extraction and processing to avoid altering the intrinsic nutritional properties of our plant-based foods. Finally, all products are individually bottled or packaged at the source to ensure superior freshness until you are ready to enjoy them!

2. Environmental respect

We strive to minimize our footprint every step of the way. We only work with harvesters and farmers who engage in sustainable practices. Unlike industrialized agribusiness, the sourcing of our foods requires no land clearing and no application of pesticides or any other chemicals. In fact, the long-term survival of the fruits, plants and seeds we use is intimately related to the health of the habitats in which they grow. For example, the cacao tree grows best in the shades of the Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest) in the southern coastal areas of the Bahia State in Brazil. Preservation of the Mata Atlântica is very dear to our hearts!


We also avoid the use of plastic materials whenever and wherever we can. Plastic is composed of major toxic pollutants and is not biodegradable. It is also not as easy to recycle as glass. That is why we use glass jars for our coconut oil. This option is more expensive but the right thing to do.

3. Care for local communities

We believe in fair compensation for people’s labor. Large-scale brokers and traders hold too much bargaining power, which usually translates into depressed prices being paid to small farmers and harvesters. We break this circuit by doing business only with small-scale operations that maintain a strong relationship with the individuals who are the first to touch the plants we use in our foods. Ensuring fair compensation allows local communities to continue to grow while preserving sustainable farming and harvesting practices.


We also believe in education and collaboration. We partner with suppliers who are willing to give back to their respective communities any way they can. A case in point is a cacao farmer who does volunteer work by teaching other farmers in the region how to best preserve the original vegetation of the Mata Atlântica on their farms.


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